Sunday, June 10, 2018

Scary Monster

The Scary Monster route is an amazing journey taking you all the way from Mendocino College to Hopland on Old River Road, over Mountain House Road and through the quaint town of Boonville and on through highway 128 to Flynn Creek Road. Then from Flynn Creek Road, you go to Comptche and on to Orr Springs Road where you will finish the scenic ride at Mendocino College. Along this ride you will encounter many gigantic redwood trees and vineyards for viewing pleasure. This route is 105 miles long and has approximately 8800 feet of climbing. 

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Hairy Monster

The Hairy Monster also leaves Mendocino College and heads west over Orr Springs Road with the same big climb. You then drop into the redwoods and head to the quaint town of Comptche. At Comptche, instead of heading farther west to the coast you turn around and head back through the redwoods before climbing up the backside of Orr Springs and then back to Mendocino College. This route is a metric century (62.0 miles or 100 kilometers) and includes 8150 ft of climbing.

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Merry Monster

The Merry Monster starts and ends at the Mendocino Office of Education on Old River Road. It heads south on Old River Road and goes to Hopland, with a rest stop at Brutocao Winery. It then returns back up Old River Road and finishes at the Mendocino Office of Education. This ride is 28 miles long.

This is a beautiful ride with wonderful vineyard views and no significant climbing.

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